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Our cleanest cartridges to date!

The All-Glass Series is designed to have no metals come into direct contact with your extracts. The only metal present inside the cartridge is the Kanthal coil inside of the ceramic core at the base. The quartz glass tank and centerpost combine to create cleaner tokes and unparalleled flavor!


Single-use pen ready to be filled with your extract of choice for personal or commercial use. Features a quartz glass cartridge tube with dental-grade (shatter-resistant) ceramic centerpost and tip.

Uniquely features the ability to recharge (using a micro USB cable - included) so you can rest assured you will have enough battery life for the very last drop.


How to spot counterfeit SolPods

  • 2 min read


As the SolPod Express Kit has grown in popularity we have started to notice that we are competing with knockoffs on the market. This is a natural consequence of doing business and we feel it is our duty to provide a guide for our clients to spot knockoffs and know if they are getting an authentic Heliosphere Solutions product. 

The Battery Life

A genuine Heliosphere Solutions SolPod Express kit is equipped with a 900mah battery but the knockoffs typically have about a 400mah battery. You won’t be able to check the battery life upon the purchase but you can check….

The Weight

As we mentioned above, the SolPod boasts a 900mah battery which makes the unit quite heavy. With the packaging the SolPod Express kit weighs about 85 grams, the SolPod itself weighs about 58 grams. The knockoffs weigh in around 72 grams with the packaging and 49 grams without. You will easily be able to tell the difference when put on a scale and know if you are indeed getting a genuine product. 

Branded Luxury Bag

Knockoff brands do whatever they can to cut the cost of goods, often at the expense of their customers. No knockoff brands will include an authentic luxury bag with the Heliosphere Solutions logo. 

The Polarity Stud

The inner metal stud should be cleanly crafted and have a hole in it. This allows the airflow vents from the bottom to flow through the battery and give the user the ability to intake large amounts of vapor. Counterfeit SolPods DO NOT have a hole in them (and sometimes don’t have the airflow vents on the bottom) which leads to connectivity issues and a severe lack of airflow. 


The computer chip inside the SolPod includes overcharge protection and features that prevent overheating. This ensures user safety and also allows us to stand behind our product. Counterfeit brands have a simple PCBA that does not have the capabilities to prevent both overcharging and overheating. This can be dangerous if not assembled properly. You couldn’t get us to use a knockoff brand for free!


We hope this guide helps you navigate your way to get authentic, clean and safe products on the market. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions or spot any on the market!