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Our cleanest cartridges to date!

The All-Glass Series is designed to have no metals come into direct contact with your extracts. The only metal present inside the cartridge is the Kanthal coil inside of the ceramic core at the base. The quartz glass tank and centerpost combine to create cleaner tokes and unparalleled flavor!


Single-use pen ready to be filled with your extract of choice for personal or commercial use. Features a quartz glass cartridge tube with dental-grade (shatter-resistant) ceramic centerpost and tip.

Uniquely features the ability to recharge (using a micro USB cable - included) so you can rest assured you will have enough battery life for the very last drop.


The Smart Range Is HERE!

Enjoy the battery with the widest voltage range and most specific temperature control on the market! We only made 1k units so reserve yours today!

Adjusts .1v at a time so you can dial in the perfect temperature for your terpene profile! Never Burn Your Extracts Again!

CBS Pens
Cottonless Bucket Series

Taste your terpenes, Not the wick.

Huge Clouds, Low Temps.

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