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Our cleanest cartridges to date!

The All-Glass Series is designed to have no metals come into direct contact with your extracts. The only metal present inside the cartridge is the Kanthal coil inside of the ceramic core at the base. The quartz glass tank and centerpost combine to create cleaner tokes and unparalleled flavor!


Single-use pen ready to be filled with your extract of choice for personal or commercial use. Features a quartz glass cartridge tube with dental-grade (shatter-resistant) ceramic centerpost and tip.

Uniquely features the ability to recharge (using a micro USB cable - included) so you can rest assured you will have enough battery life for the very last drop.


All Glass Series Cartridges (Box of 100)

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The All-Glass Series cartridges by Helio Supply feature a leak-resistant oil intake design for even smoother, cleaner, and more powerful hits.  As the name states, our All-Glass Series cartridge features a unique all-glass construction so no metal touches your oil. All of our tests results have come back non-detectable when tested for residual heavy metals. Enjoy both the benefits of safer heavy-metal free vaping and the pure exceptional taste. 

Note: Make sure the base is tightly secured to the cartridge body before use.

Wholesale is available on our wholesale page. Discounts available on orders over 1000 units. 

Tank Capacity: 1ml
Oil intake hole size: 2.0mm 
Resistance: 1.4 ohm
Weight: 10g
Size: 12x55mm (1.0ml)
Suggested Battery:  DualCharge

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Handmade Disclaimer

The product(s) you receive might vary slightly from the product picture due to the nature of your product(s) being 100% handmade to order.

The beauty of imperfections:
Please understand that all glass products featured on this store are handmade, and handmade items, by nature, have imperfections. Although we are thorough, there are inconsistencies based on the creative nature, each item will look a little different from the next.

Our items have natural and unique imperfections. Our items are studio produced and our process is genuine and full of love and care. Do you remember the handmade items your grandma used to make? Ours products echo those quaint little handmade differences.

Any item you purchase is one of a kind. There are no two items in our shop that are exactly the same. Even if the paint or colored glass is from the same dye lot, the unique patterning of colors and water-like formless nature of glass will always make each item beautifully different.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lana Dart

Nice glass, pleased!

Geovanni Silva
Good thing I ordered more

This is mainly for personal use and luckily I ordered more before the Pact Act, these refillable all glass carts are fantastic

Michael Pascuzzi
Almost perfect

I really like these carts. The only problem I have is the space between the walls of the cart and the middle stem is just a tiny bit too narrow to insert the needle of a syringe. This has resulted is a couple snapped stems. Otherwise, it provides a smooth, clean draw. It looks cool too - all glass and shiny.

Richard Borkowski
Absolutely fantastic glass refillable cartridge!

Helio Supply

January 6, 2020

RE: Helio Supply “Refillable All Glass Series (1.0ml)” Cartridge

First and foremost I wish to thank Helio Supply for providing me with hardware that allowed me to quit my cigarette smoking habit of 48 years. I have successfully kicked the menthol cigarette habit with the assistance of menthol nicotine vaping.

Back in late October of 2020, I became aware that California was to ban menthol cigarette sales beginning January 1st of 2021. I went to my cigarette retailer and they had already raised their prices of menthol cigarettes as many other customers had realized the same situation and were stocking up. A carton of menthols was selling for over $120. I inquired for the very first time what the various glass paraphernalia they had that could possibly be used for vaping menthol nicotine oils. The reply was that all they had wasn’t suitable for an oil substance, only dry. They told me to look on-line and I would find suitable products. After a week of nightly reading and research about various hardware it was entirely clear that one truly needs to be cautious not to cause themselves health issues from other sources such as those possible from heated metals. As I continued my research, it became clearly apparent that the safest materials are glass and ceramic.

Not many products are available for vaping nicotine based oils that are entirely void of metal contact with the heating element. There are many glass cartridge type units available although most have a bare metal heating element of one type or another.

Helio Supply is one of only two suppliers that offers a glass refillable cartridge with a ceramic heating element that doesn’t even utilize cotton for wicking. I decided to purchase the unit and I figured I should purchase enough to hold me for a good while if by some chance I wouldn’t be able to purchase these any longer after January 1st of 2021.

I purchased 20 of “Refillable All Glass Series (1.0ml)” Cartridge, order number 1332 late in the evening of Saturday November 7, 2020. Helio immediately acknowledged my order by email and was furthermore without delay shipped on the morning of Monday November 9th. I was apprized of the shipment by email from Hellio Supply complete with an USPS tracking number.
My order arrived in absolutely perfect condition, very well packaged to survive anything any shipper could put it through regardless. The package also contained the business card of the founder of Helio Supply, a heartfelt thank you card for my order, several cool stickers, and an invitation to review the product I have purchased.

I decided that since Helio Supply had provided me with superior sales and shipping, they would be very worthy of their product being reviewed. During my research of numerous products, I had read and watched on-line videos that stated on average the heating element would last 2 to 3 weeks. I decided a good test would be to initially wait till the first element failed.

It’s now been 90 days of daily use and I’m still using the very first cartridge! I am incredibly impressed by the Helio Supply “Refillable All Glass Series (1.0ml)” Cartridge. My vape is as satisfying now as it was the very first time I used it. I have not experienced any issue whatsoever with this cartridge. It has proven to me to operate best right at 2.8 volts. Increasing the applied voltage beyond 3.0 volts begins to likewise increasingly give the vape oil a burnt taste.

1 ml lasts the entire day as does a Yukon Uni Pro battery or a 900mA adjustable voltage battery. The Helio Supply “Refillable All Glass Series (1.0ml)” Cartridge together with the Yukon Uni Pro makes for a very compact package.

The Helio Supply “Refillable All Glass Series (1.0ml)” Cartridge is very simple to refill and use. Under magnified scrutiny I find it to be superlatively engineered as well as exceptionally high precision manufactured.

In closing, because of the great uncertainty our governing politicians have been creating, I purchased another 20 of the Helio Supply “Refillable All Glass Series (1.0ml)” Cartridge order number 1378 on New Years Eve, of which my order once again went perfectly and was received today, January 6, 2021 along with a very cool Helio Supply face mask!

If these cartridges last at least as long as the very first one that I am still using has, I presently have a ten year supply with the 40 cartridges I have purchased. These are an absolutely incredible value.

Helio Supply is a Great Supplier with Great Products! I highly recommend Helio Supply as well as their Refillable All Glass Series (1.0ml) Cartridge.
Thank you ever so much once again.


Richard Borkowski

Loving it!

Compared to the 2nd version I am having no clogging what-so-ever so far!! No harshness at all. This thing rips. Wishin there was something to put in the middle post to make filling a bit easier. Very exited for continual use in the future!