SolPod Express Kit

Atomizer Installation Instructions:

  1. Screw the magnetic adapter onto the atomizer. 
  2. Insert the atomizer into the battery box mod.
  3. Press the button. Use it when there is continuous lighting.

Key Description: 

  1. Click the button 5 times to turn the SolPod on/off
  2. Smart Preheat Function: Click the button 2 times to activate the preheat setting, the red light will slowly blink for 15 seconds unless the button is pressed.
  3. Adjust the voltage level: Press the button 3 times quickly to adjust the voltage level. 4.1v (Red), 3.3v (Yellow), 2.6v (Green). 
  4. Over discharge Protection: When vaping longer than 8 seconds the LEDS will flash 6 times and the SolPod will stop outputting heat until the button is pressed again. 
  5. Charging Indication: The LED will indicate the corresponding capacity as following; fully green when fully charged, green >70% charge, yellow 30-70%, red is <30%.
  6. No-load indication: The LED will flash 3 times with no output if it does not detect a cartridge connection. 
  7. No Power indication: The LED will flash 8 times and power off when out of batteries. 
  8. Charging port: Supports Micro-USB charging styles
  9. Protection Functions: The LED will flash 3 times quickly when the atomizer detects a short circuit.

**Overheat protection: The LEDs will flash 3 times when the PCBA detects overheating.

**Overcharge protection: The SolPod automatically stops charging when fully charged. 

  1. Atomizer Resistance Range: 1-3.0 ohm
  2. SolPod is not fully charged when leaving the factory. For best results please charge before use!

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