Letter To Our Customer

Dear Industry Partner,

As a business, it is our promise and mission to do everything within our power and resources to improve and inform the industry. We are a custom vape hardware company that offers distribution, wholesale, and white label services for both retailers and processors. You may have seen our SolPods, the SolTorch wax pens or our Flow cartridges at your local retailer. Thanks for taking time to read this! We hope you find the following information helpful. 

If you sell between 100-1000 batteries per month there is no reason you shouldn’t put your logo on the hardware you are selling. Cannabis retailers and processors are missing an opportunity to sell a functional promotional item that spreads brand awareness and generates income. We have direct relationships with several manufacturers overseas and have spent over 5 years vetting, visiting and sourcing to give you the best service and highest quality possible. 

Our Flow cartridges with CCT (clean cartridge technology) has been consistently exceeding the California Heavy metals testing standards. The State of California requires that all vape products test at less than .5 parts per million. Our Flow Cartridges routinely test at .09 parts per million which is five times lower than the California standard. We also have the ability to customize the metal components of the Flow cartridge with stainless steel. Stainless steel is a higher quality metal than the typical plated brass used in most vape cartridges on the market. Stainless steel will leach even fewer heavy metals into your extracts making an already negligible test result even more heavy metal free. We strongly believe that more states will start adopting regulations for a more strict heavy metals compliance policy. 

Additionally, our All Glass Series carts test Non-detectable for heavy metals on this very test! You can email us to ask for the lab results. Washington state has already started approving labs to perform these tests in regulatory anticipation. Regardless of the regulation, clients want more information and healthier vaping options to choose from.

Thanks for reading! We would love the opportunity to support your brand. 


Jared Lavitt 

Founder at Helio Supply

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