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Our cleanest cartridges to date!

The All-Glass Series is designed to have no metals come into direct contact with your extracts. The only metal present inside the cartridge is the Kanthal coil inside of the ceramic core at the base. The quartz glass tank and centerpost combine to create cleaner tokes and unparalleled flavor!


Single-use pen ready to be filled with your extract of choice for personal or commercial use. Features a quartz glass cartridge tube with dental-grade (shatter-resistant) ceramic centerpost and tip.

Uniquely features the ability to recharge (using a micro USB cable - included) so you can rest assured you will have enough battery life for the very last drop.


SolTorch Powerful Features

  • 2 min read

The SOLTORCH is an innovative and versatile wax pen that caters to both novice and veteran wax pen users. The SOLTORCH WAX PEN KIT includes one 1000 mah battery, 1 ceramic chamber dab coil featuring 4 quartz coils, 1 quartz touch coil, 1 mouthpiece, 1 micro USB charger cable, and 1 user manual. 

The dual-use wax pen boasts two very easy to assemble consumption styles. Both coils come with their own protective covering, and the contents include a mouthpiece that simply switches back and forth between styles.

One style of the SOLTORCH uses a ceramic chamber that has 4 quartz coils inside. This style is intended for simple on-the-go enjoyment. To assemble this style, screw the ceramic heating chamber onto the end of the battery, slide the ceramic cover onto the chamber, screw on the protective cover, and slip the mouthpiece into the end. 

As with most vape devices, five clicks will turn the SOLTORCH on and off. There are three heat settings that can be changed by clicking 3 times. Blue represents the low setting, green represents the medium setting, and red represents the high setting. Just turn it on, select a heat setting, place the mouthpiece on your lips, press the button, and inhale to enjoy your wax concentrate on the go.

Another style of the SOLTORCH uses a touch coil with a single quartz coil on the end that acts as a dipping tip for wax concentrate consumption. The assembly for this style is incredibly simple: screw touch coil on the end of the battery and insert the mouthpiece into the opposite end. That’s it! Two steps and the dipping style of the SOLTORCH is ready. Turn on, choose a heat setting, and dip the quartz tip into the desired medium to consume.

The SOLTORCH wax pen is exceptionally quick to assemble and easy to use. You can get large amounts of vapor with very little heat. These qualities plus the fact that it offers two different vaping styles in one pen make it an absolute must-have!